Prof. Satoshi Iwamoto (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology), Project Associate Prof. Yasutomo Ota (Quantum Innovation Co-Creation Center, Associate Prof. at Keio University as of April 1), and Specially Appointed Prof. Yasuhiko Arakawa (Quantum Innovation Co-Creation Center) will receive the 45th Laser Society of Japan Distinguished Paper Award in the Review Paper Section. The award will be given for the review paper entitled \”Topological Photonics: A Concerto of Topology and Light\”, published in Laser Research 48-08-404 (2020). At the same time, Project Associate Prof. Ota will also receive the Encouragement Award. The reason for the award is \”Hybrid integrated silicon photonics using transfer printing method\” (lecture S09-21p-II-08 at the 40th annual meeting of the Laser Society of Japan). The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on Monday 31 May.